CASPA Constitution

Constitution of the Crewe and Shrewsbury Passenger Association

  1.  The name of the Association shall be the Crewe and Shrewsbury Passenger Association (CASPA).
  2. The aims of the Association are the retention, improvement and greater usage of the Crewe to Shrewsbury local service, and to encourage greater rail use in general.
  3. Membership shall be open to individuals and bodies on an annual basis subject to payment of such subscriptions as the Association’s Committee may from time to time determine. The Association’s Committee may revoke the membership of any member of the Association for reasons which it deems proper which shall be notified to the individual concerned.
  4. The Officers authorised to represent the Association are the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. No member of the Association shall use the name of the Association or represent themselves as an official or spokesperson of the Association without the authority of an Officer of the Association.
  5. The name of the Association shall not be used by any member for any purpose of trade or profit.
  6. The Association shall be governed by a Committee which shall comprise a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to ten other members who shall be elected annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee may appoint, from within its ranks, any additional officers that may be deemed necessary. The Committee may also co-opt members to serve only until the next Annual General Meeting.
  7. The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting at least every calendar year and all members of the Association shall be given at least 14 days notice by post or by e-mail to their last known addresses giving the agenda of such Annual General Meeting. The Association’s Committee may call additional meetings of the Association from time to time as the Committee may determine. These will be advertised at local stations, and other convenient methods. A quorum of 5 members is required for resolutions and voting. Additionally a minimum of ten members may call an extraordinary general meeting, the purpose of which shall be notified to the Chairman in writing.
  8. The Association’s Committee shall be empowered to disburse Association funds in such manner as the Committee may in its absolute discretion determine from time to time without the Committee or any member of the Association being liable for any loss which may occur.
  9. Any amendments to this constitution shall be made only at a properly convened Annual or Extraordinary meeting of the Association. Any such meeting of the Association may also determine to suspend or disband the Association and the disposition of the Association’s then funds subject to a two-thirds majority of those present.
  10. The Audited Accounts shall be submitted annually to all members as at 1st April and shall be circulated to members with the notification of the Annual General Meeting.
  11. The accounts shall be audited by a qualified person.

Constitution adopted by the members of the Crewe and Shrewsbury Passenger Association at a general meeting held at Whitchurch Civic Centre on 5th April 1991.

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