Notes from TfW user meeting 7 Dec 22

Notes on meeting TfW 7 Dec 2022 This was a meeting for the whole of Wales and not just on our line. Class 175 are suffering maintenance issues so not as many are available as they would like. TfW have settled with the unions on the current pay round, but services are affected by other actions. TfW crews are now at or about establishment numbers and class 197 training is going well. Passenger demand (overall) morning peak is less, daytime is more and evening up a little. This is seen as a move from commuting to leisure use. There is […]

Transport for Wales (TfW) publishes annual report for 2020-2021,

Transport for Wales (TfW) has published its annual report and financial statements for the year to 31 March 2021, a year which saw the transfer of the railway back into public ownership and work to transform the Core Valleys Lines as part of building the South Wales Metro. As the first set of consolidated financial statements for the Transport for Wales Group, figures released today show total grant-funded expenditure of £638m made up of: £356m of revenue funding for provision of rail passenger services. This included £176m of Covid-19 revenue support and other emergency measures funding. £88m capital funding for […]

New relationship for Keolis and Amey

TfW have announced that the scope of work for Keolis and Amey is to change from March 2021. We understand they have reached an agreement which will lead a change in leadership of the operation of the railway, the details of which are still to finalise. Under the new agreement, the operation of day-to-day rail services will become the responsibility of a new publicly owned subsidiary of Transport for Wales. This is equivalent to the operator of last resort. Keolis and Amey will continue to contribute by delivering support services. You can read about it here.

TfW on safety and wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Transport for Wales are offering their advice on the virus outbreak. They say We’d like to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of all our customers and staff are our top priority during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak throughout the UK. We’ve put measures in place to support your safety on our trains and to give you flexibility with travel plans. Current NHS guidelines indicate that most people can continue to use public transport safely for necessary travel. Please do consider your own health circumstances with respect to other public transport users and the NHS guidance. You can read more […]

KeolisAmey fined £2.3m for poor performance

It is widely reported in the local and national press that KeolisAmey have been ‘fined’ for poor performance. The Welsh Assembly Economy Minister Ken Skates is quoted and saying that the penalty notices were “vital”, saying the company had not lived up to what was agreed. Recent improvements must continue, he added. The company took over the £5bn franchise in October 2018. KeolisAmey apologised for the disruption of the last few months. It is not clear when the fines were imposed. Transport for Wales said it was a “overall sum” imposed over “different periods”, with fines issued on a periodic […]

TfW one year in

It is a year today since Transport for Wales took over rail services in Wales (on 14 October 2018). The operator has been clear that changes will take some time and can’t be immediate. But for many passengers the same concerns about overcrowding, expensive tickets and poor service continue. To mark their first anniversary, Wales on Line asked TfW to identify the ten things they’re proudest of achieving since taking over. You can read about it here. But don’t get too excited, rest assured, there is nothing much as yet for our line from Shrewsbury to Crewe and beyond. TfW […]

TfW news for our area

Transport for Wales have a web page that gives their latest update on plans. For us the area is Borders and this below is what they are saying today. The headline is the new trains to replace the 175s in 2023, but otherwise, there are not any exciting promises for us, and notably nothing about the replacements for the clapped out 150 and 153 sets. The Association has plenty to do. You can view the TfW site here. What it means for the Borders As part of our commitment to the Borders, we will: Introduce new two and three-car new […]