Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 12 September at 7pm at the Castle Hotel Wem. The meeting is timed so that you can get there and back by train. Please let us know you are coming on  

TfW user group meeting April 24

We attended a user group session with TfW in April. It was a three hour marathon with many senior reps there. They handled many questions via the chat system and most things got covered. They committed to going back to answer other points. Some speakers were very clear and readily understood. Others mumbled through their bit clearly not suited for public facing. This was a national event so there was a lot of local stuff being injected, but TfW handled it well. At the end there were break out sessions by region, and we were able to get a few […]

Railfuture public meeting Saturday 12th October

Railfuture are holding a public meeting at the Gateway (just a few minutes walk from Shrewsbury Station, SY1 1NB) at 1.15pm to discuss rail in Shropshire. The speakers are: Daniel Kawczymski, MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham Lee Robinson, Development Director, Transport for Wales Peter Sargant Head of Rail Development, West Midlands Rail Executive John Allcock, Chair of Wrexham and Bidston Rail User Group All are welcome – FREE ADMISSION Free Tea, Coffee & Light Refreshments (courtesy of Railfuture) Please register your intention to attend at Further details are here, Railfuture is the UK’s leading independent organisation campaigning for better rail […]

July Meeting

The more significant items discussed included the repainting of the stations (TfW black replacing Arriva blue) and the reduction of the parking spaces at Wrenbury. There is only room for two or three cars at Wrenbury, but because the slope from the Crewe bound platform is too steep for wheelchairs the ramp is being extended into the car parking space. The parish council have suggested that the slope could be made easier and shorter by using the platform end slope, but in spite of TfW having a considerable budget for car parking improvements they have so far refused to consider […]