Cheshire Station Award for NiB team

We understand that the Nantwich in Bloom (NiB) team have just been awarded the Best Kept Garden Award for their work at the station. The station adopter team are all volenteers, and they receive support from Transport for Wales. Well done, it looks beautiful and is much appreciated.      

Request stops

We are aware of problems on evening services northbound at Yorton, Prees and Wrenbury, when these have been request stops. The request to stop is no longer booked, and is no longer offered. TfW say this is because they have to use one door on a short platform. This happens on the Cambrian line and in N Wales too. However other companies have found a solution to this, but TfW appear unable to resolve this. Perhaps they should talk to Great Western, Anglian Trains or ScotRail. If thy can do it, why can’t TfW?

Nantwich in Bloom volunteers receive another award

Nantwich in Bloom (NiB) volunteers have received an Highly Commended award in the 2020 Cheshire Best Kept Stations competition. The award was given in recognition of the continuing efforts made by NiB to keep the station looking attractive despite the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions during 2020. The first photo shows some of the Nantwich in Bloom volunteers who have helped care for the beds and planters on the platforms, with John Kitchen. Hilary Slack is holding the award. Hilary and Sue Sherwood are wearing TfW Station Adopter tabards in the second picture and John Kitchen from Cheshire Best Kept Stations […]

New ticket machines for Whitchurch / Nantwich

We are pleased to report that TfW have installed two new ticket machines at Witchurch and Nantwich station. We reported on this project in 2019, but these are the first machines to reach our line. There have been recent reports of them going in at Hereford. This is good news. So there are now machines on both platforms.

Wrenbury level crossing

This is a summary of observations at the Wrenbury crossing. This was prompted because of of comments about the long periods of the gates being down. Please send your comments to The crossing is located at Wrenbury Station. There is no foot bridge. The platform for the south bound service is before the crossing. The platform for the north bound service is after the crossing. This is an obstacle detection level crossing with manually controlled barriers. The crossing is initiated by approaching trains and has no direct signaler involvement when working normally, apart from monitoring the process. The obstacle […]

MP backs Whitchurch step free access

Good news. We see it reported in the Whitchurch Herald that the local MP Owen Patterson is supporting the improvement of access to the south bound platform at the station. There is no strep free access at this time. You can read about our campaign here This project has been at the forefront of CASPA campaigning for many years.

Yorton waiting room improvements

TfW tell us they have completed the new waiting room door and glazing that has been installed at Yorton station. These were damaged by vandals some time ago. The new waiting room door and glazing was installed in August, as part of Transport for Wales’ Stations Improvement programme.

NIB volenteers in action again

Nantwich in Bloom (NIB) volunteers have recently been busy weeding and planting on Nantwich Station getting the sleeper beds and planters ready for a summer display. Hanging baskets on the old Station building will be missing this year but we hope that when their watering system is repaired they will be back in full bloom next summer. Please help us keep the station looking attractive for commuters, local residents and visitors by reporting any damage to TfW and putting rubbish in the bins, not amongst the flowers and plants.       We are some of the Transport for Wales […]

Nantwich and Wrenbury volenteers win awards for station flowers

Nantwich has scooped another award in the Cheshire Best Kept Station Competition. Members of Nantwich In Bloom collected the Merseyrail In Bloom Award at a ceremony at the Grange Theatre, in Hartford. The awards were set up to celebrate and recognise the hard work of station adoption and community groups across Cheshire. Wrenbury Station also scooped an honour, winning the Roberts Bakery Award for most improved station. Crewe Station won TravelWatch North West Award for larger stations. The ceremony, attended by more than 150 guests, shines a light on improvements to stations, from gardening to arts projects and other community […]

Station usage data 2016 – 2017

CASPA has obtained data for the usage of stations in the period 2016 – 2017. This is based on ticket count, rather than passenger count. The headlines are a 17% increase at Nantwich and a 10% increase at Whitchurch. No surprise to regular users! We will endevour to get some more up to date data. The full data is given below on the link.