Operator of last resort takes over for TfW

TfW have set up a new company called Transport for Wales Rail Ltd to operate the railways from 7th February 2021. TfW Rail will take over day to day operations from KeolisAmey on that date. As a wholly owned government agency, this is termed the “operator of last resort”. TfW will have full responsibility for operation and the take the risk on fare income. We understand that KeolisAmey will be retained to support TfW Rail. This is in particular for the heavy engineering works required in the Valleys where TfW have taken over track responsibility.

New relationship for Keolis and Amey

TfW have announced that the scope of work for Keolis and Amey is to change from March 2021. We understand they have reached an agreement which will lead a change in leadership of the operation of the railway, the details of which are still to finalise. Under the new agreement, the operation of day-to-day rail services will become the responsibility of a new publicly owned subsidiary of Transport for Wales. This is equivalent to the operator of last resort. Keolis and Amey will continue to contribute by delivering support services. You can read about it here.

New ticket machines?

Transport for Wales has signed a £1.9 million contract with multinational information equipment and service company, Fujitsu. This is to upgrade ticket office machines and mobile handsets across the their network. The machines are to be smart enabled so staff can add season tickets to customer smart cards, allowing rail passengers the option of using more robust and secure paperless tickets as well as making the overall process much easier for customers and staff. Train and station staff handsets will be also replaced with Fujitsu’s STARmobile technology, enabling staff to provide passengers with improved travel information on board trains, so that passengers […]