When the railways were first built and developed, there were good facilities provided at stations for all customers as needed. With the post war contraction of railways these facilities at secondary stations that form nearly all of those we represent, were sold off or demolished. A new resurgence of traffic is not being matched by investment in facilities.

We want to see a complete survey of each station with a plan agreed by all rail user groups, local authorities and other interested parties. The plan should detail work and resources identified to implement the improvements.


Step free access to Shrewsbury bound platform at Whitchurch. This is now an important station on the line with a greatly increased ridership. Unfortunately with the recent installation of new footbridge the opportunity was not taken to provide lifts. We believe alternatives are available by cutting a path into the embankment from the road to the platform, or a bolt on lift or a ramped footbridge.

Footbridges at Wrenbury and Wem stations

Increased traffic at these stations now justifies footbridge especially at Wem where there is significant traffic across the line, due to population increases. Wrenbury population increases need to be looked at for the same reason. The barriers come down early unpredictably due to late running and freight trains running in the opposite direction stranding passengers. A raised platform is needed at Wem.

Passenger shelters

New larger shelters are required at Nantwich (northbound), Whitchurch (northbound) and Wem southbound). There can be 50+ passengers waiting at these stations at peak commuting times.


With large scale developments both actual and planned at Hadnall, the possibility of reopening Hadnall station within a 5 – 10 year period will need to be examined.


Manchester to South Wales. We would like to see an hourly service to call at Wem, Whitchurch and Nantwich, with trains to Aberystwyth and trains to Wellington and Telford being readily available at Shrewsbury without lengthy waiting times. Extra services to and from Aberystwyth should be considered running to/from Crewe. This could be used to provide service improvements at Wem, Whitchurch and Nantwich, and possibly other stations.

As at present a Crewe –  Shrewsbury shuttle calling at all stations should be hourly also. A good train service has been shown to have greater public use, useful to help with traffic problems in the area. The timetable should be similar for week and weekend services, bearing in mind that no local buses run on a Sunday.

All small towns and villages would benefit from the services. and would undoubtedly increase the footfall to the railway, as many commuters would have a good service.

With new developments at Wrenbury commuting to Manchester is increasing and with further developments planned will increase further still. To cater for this traffic a stop on the weekday 06.45 ex Shrewsbury (04.35 ex Cardiff) at Wrenbury will prove useful and in the not too distant future, essential.


Many trains are currently composed of stock not suitable for the traffic now presenting itself. The currently plans from TfW appear to be to replace the 150/153 sets with 170 sets cascaded from Anglia. We hope this is true. The 172 sets are due for replacement with new stock on order, but delivery is probably 2023, so we have to live with what we have for the moment. We understand that the new stock will operate as 5 cars in our area.

In particular the following are present problems which we are informed should be alleviated by new stock promised

  1. a) Inadequate seating
  2. b) Insufficient storage for luggage, cycles, wheel chair, push chairs
  3. c) Cramped and difficult entry for anyone who has more than basic hand luggage.
  4. d) Short trains with limited capacity
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