Whitchurch platform access

Update April 2024. TfW tell us that they have a design for lifts to be installed at the existing footbridge, to solve this problem. They are putting it to the Department of transport for funding shortly.

Step free access to Shrewsbury bound platform at Whitchurch has long been on our campaign list. Whitchurch is an important station on the line with a greatly increased ridership and frequent stops even by the fast trains long distance trains to Cardiff.

What is the problem?: There is no step free access to the southbound platform. This means that passengers unable to use stairs have to take a train to Shrewsbury or (say) Nantwich, cross over and take the next train in the opposite direction.

This is the southbound platform and the only access currently available.

What is the solution? Unfortunately, with the recent installation of a new footbridge NR did not take the opportunity to provide lifts. These could be retro fitted, but we believe alternatives are available

TfW have this strap line: We’re committed to excellent service for all our customers. Working with our rail industry colleagues and the Government, we’re improving accessibility and facilities on our trains and at our stations.

You can read about it here: https://tfwrail.wales/passenger-assistance/passengers-with-disabilities

So come on, what about Whitchurch!

One viable and economic solution is by cutting a path into the embankment from the road to the platform. The picture is taken from the road looking towards the south bound platform. Obviously there has to be a reasonable slope, that conform with regulations, but we think there is plenty of length to get this in. The foot bridge can be seen in the background. There is rather limited space at the bottom at the road side. Maybe a layby would be needed.

And this picture is taken the other way, from the station towards the road. So in addition to the length of the platform there is a significant distance down to the road to make a walkway. And NR own the land. What can the problem be?

The solution could look like this!

This (below) is the access onto the road at the bottom.

Another solution could be long platform ramps to get over the bridge. On the Shrewsbury side this would be OK as there is space to the south to zig zag down,

There is not very much space on the Crewe side. It could cost a few parking spaces to get the supports in.

Either of these could provide a cost effective solution. It should and must be done.

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