Timetable change 22nd May

Alongside all other operators, TfW will be making changes to the timetables.

For our line the changes are very minor.

For weekdays:

Ex Shrewsbury
1956 was 1950 fast to Crewe
2035 was 2033 all stations
2207 was 2208.all stations

Ex Crewe
0558 was 0557 all stations
0920 was 0910 all stations
2318 was 2314 all stations

The pinch point of the morning northbound commuting connection at Crewe remains intact. (arrives 06.15 leaves 0629)

The important connection remains intact at Crewe at arriving 1710 leaves 1719,
The last train from Manchester (2235) is the same. The Friday only change at Crewe (because the train is not through to Shrewsbury) remains with a few more minutes longer. Arrives Crewe 2308 leaves 2320

You can find the timetable here: https://tfw.wales/sites/default/files/2023-05/4%20Cardiff%20-%20Manchester%20-%20May%202023.pdf

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