Notes from TfW user meeting 7 Dec 22

Notes on meeting TfW 7 Dec 2022

This was a meeting for the whole of Wales and not just on our line.

Class 175 are suffering maintenance issues so not as many are available as they would like.

TfW have settled with the unions on the current pay round, but services are affected by other actions.

TfW crews are now at or about establishment numbers and class 197 training is going well.

Passenger demand (overall) morning peak is less, daytime is more and evening up a little. This is seen as a move from commuting to leisure use. There is some overall growth in the last year.

Class 230 (VivaRail for Bidston line) is stopped whilst the supplier administration is sorted. TfW have spares and want to handle the maintenance themselves at Chester. They hope to get into service in May 23.

Class 231s will commence in S Wales next year.

December timetable.

This is a big change to the time table for TfW, although there is no change to Sunday services. They are promising a better passenger experience on the long distance services.

Class 197s are not fully ready for the December timetable. Currently 40 class 197s are built. TfW are prioritising 3 car sets first.  The first units are in service on the Conway valley line. The rate of build will limit the introduction of new services in West Wales and from Chester from mid 23. No promise on what we will see next week. The passenger announcement system is the latest design, but they are expecting issues with the number of stations and the dual language. 175 will be retained for the time being.

Loco hauled Mk4 services will not be on all identified services to Manchester at once. We should expect to see them in 4 car trains from 19 December. 5 car sets will be in May 23 as more stock becomes available. Selective door opening is fitted.

Mk4 have a lower speed limit than Mk3s. NR are working through most issues which are minor but there is a bridge at Witstanstow (south of Shrewsbury) that is a bigger problem and requires rebuild to fix. Later timetables may be able to improve times. Other gauging work is complete.

Marches line representatives complained that these Mk4 trains are not stopping at their intermediate stations and alternative services are going to Chester, and not Crewe.

West Wales complained that the services beyond Swansea are curtailed (coming from Manchester).

The Crewe Shrewsbury shuttle will be two car class 153’s initially but replaced by 197 units when available.

The intention is to move Class 150s south as 197s become available, for maintenance centralisation. They said that they use 150s on Manchester Wales services only as a last resort.



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