TfW through trains not stopping at Yorton and Prees!!

We see an anouncement on the TfW web site (under ‘journey check’) that the through trains to and from South Wales are not going to stop at Yorton and Prees from 5 July. see here

On Monday 29 June, after our intervention we now understand that this willl not apply to the daily shuttle services, and stops can be requested. The wording on the TfW web site has been changed and now reads as this:

To help with social distancing, TfW long distance services will not be calling at Yorton or Prees from Monday 6th July until further notice. In order to maintain a safe distance between the conductor and customers, we need to be able to operate two train doors. Unfortunately due to the short platform length at these stations, this is not possible. Local TfW services can call at Yorton and Press station when requested by passengers.

We are still following up with TfW on this as we do not find this acceptable. Both these stations are capable of taking 2 coaches at the platform, though the long distance trains are usually three coach. These days the shuttle is usually operated by a pair of single coach 153’s

We had been in discussion last week on the issue of Covid 19 and request stops, and they have sprung this on us without any consultation.

Watch this space.


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