Update on TfW new timetable December 2019

A new railway timetable started last Sunday. During the week there is little, if any, difference, but on Sunday there are major changes.

For decades CASPA have been asking for an improved service on Sunday, with a mininmum of a train every other hour. We now have this.

We lose most of the through Manchester – Wales services that now go non-stop Crewe – Shrewsbury (there are a few exceptions). In there place is a regular shuttle between Crewe and Shrewsbury calling all stations, similar to during the week.

Hopefully this isn’t the last change to Sunday services, TfW have the asperation to run the same service on Sunday as Saturday (though probably starting later in the day). This is unlikely to be before the new trains are introduced.

If you’re a regular traveller it is a good idea to check your train times as there may be a change to your regular service, particularly your journey means changing; the connecting sevice could be altered.

You can find the new timetables here: https://tfwrail.wales/december-2019

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